Most older pets are afflicted with some degree of tooth and gum disease.  It's estimated that 85 percent of canines over the age of two have some degree of periodontal disease. 

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appetite enhancer - natural aromas for the discriminating nose

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(Item #: HA-10082)

Whereas the world is one of “images” for humans, it is one of “smells” for cats and dogs. The dog’s sense of smell is about 20,000 times greater than the human’s and also much more discriminating. Our pets utilize their sense of smell for eating, hunting, sensing danger, etc.  But sometimes pets needs our help.  Some are born “picky,” or they can lose their sense of smell as they age, or if they are feeling ill or unwell.  Sometimes their food loses its aroma from sitting around and getting stale.  ecoPure Naturals’ Appetite Enhancer has a natural Bacon & Cheddar aroma that penetrates the dry food and, unlike messy high calorie gravies, only adds about .1 calories per spray.  It is available in a convenient, easy travel spray bottle. 

Our Bacon & Cheddar Appetite Enhancer entices healthy feeding for finicky or unwell pets.

  • Great natural aroma

  • Easy to use – just spray on food

  • Natural and safe

  • Only 0.1 calorie per spray


Ingredients: Purified water, bacon/cheddar flavor, potassium sorbate (preservative), sodium benzoate (preservative)

active natural: food aromas
Fig 1. Food Aromas

active natural: food aromas

Dogs noses work much the way ours do: We inhale molecules of odor, which then dissolve in mucus membranes. The dissolved odors are picked up by the olfactory receptors, located behind where sunglasses rest on the nose. An organ called the olfactory bulb shunts the chemical messages straight to the part of the brain that deals with stored feelings and memories, bypassing the cerebral cortex, the main part of the brain. This short-circuit is one reason smells so rapidly trigger strong emotions and memories that may have lain dormant for years. Increasing desired aromas in foods increases the desire to eat for animals who may be finicky, sick or recovering from surgery.

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ecopure naturals glossary: a guide to our natural ingredients

We have created a natural ingredients glossary to help you learn about the "active naturals" we use in our products. Please take the time to read and learn about these key ingredients. We believe information is empowering to our consumers. Visit the ecoPure Naturals glossary!

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