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question: Why go natural?

the ecoPure® Naturals answer:

At one time, people would give their cats and dogs anything they found at the local supermarket.  Now, people see pets not as furry strangers living amongst them, but as beloved members of the family.  More and more people have been choosing natural products for themselves and their family, and are increasingly choosing natural products for their pets, too. The ecoPure Naturals' mission is to provide products that help “improve the health, safety, comfort and enjoyment of pets” and natural products do just this. So, why go natural?

  • Better quality, better ingredients. There is great comfort in knowing that known ingredients that you can trust are going into your pet’s products instead of unpronounceable artificial ingredients. 


  • Using natural ingredients decreases the burden we place on our fragile environment because they are renewal and sustainable.


  • Pets are developing diseases that were unheard of years ago, such as diabetes, cancer, liver and kidney diseases, and many people believe this is related to artificial ingredients that can be detrimental to the health of their pets. 


Natural ingredients use what the earth has given us. For millions of years, plants have adapted to their surroundings. They have developed defense mechanisms, such as storing water during droughts, secreting sunscreens to protect themselves in sunny climates, or changing their colors to attract or disguise. They have evolved to withstand wind, heat, freezing, drought and floods. Until about a hundred years ago, plants were the main provider of human’s food, shelter, medicine and personal care. They are our best friends here on earth, and they continue to provide us with solutions to our everyday issues and problems.    

We know natural products aren’t for everyone. But for people who carefully read labels, they make perfect sense.  We know, because we’re label-readers too.  


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